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To do a word search in a newspaper, here are the steps to take. There should be a “search window” at the top left of each page.  Keep in mind, you can only search one newspaper issue at a time from any given year & month.


 Follow these basic steps:


1  A search window will automatically show up, in most cases.  If not, hit computer keys (Control) “Ctrl” and “f” at   the same time and a search window will appear at the top left of the page.


2  Type in the word or words that you want to search.  The fewer words the better.


3  The search will automatically find the whole word when you use either upper or lower case letters.  The window to the right of search lets you know how many places that it found of your word.  Each place that is found will be hi-lighted with light blue.


4  The arrows to the right of the number of places that were found, lets you go from one to the other.


6  To the right of the arrows is a the word “option” and an arrow.  If you click on the arrow, it gives you the choice to only match the whole word or just the case.  When you click on either or both choices, it will put a check mark by each choice.  If you don’t check any match type, it will automatically find the whole word in both upper and lower case.

The Historical Newspapers are all search-able.

The Clio Star and the Clio Messenger were the leading

newspapers in Clio, Michigan, from 1893 to 1972.

We have collected a large library of these newspapers on a flash drive that you can read in a PDF searchable format.

Below are examples of each paper.  Click on each paper — read them for yourself.



View this publication sample of The Clio Star in a PDF version by clicking on the above paper.

View this publication sample of the Clio Messenger in a PDF version by clicking on the above paper.

You can purchase this Special Flash Dive by calling the phone number below, or by clicking the link and filling out the Contact Form information on the checkout page.

* There will be a shipping & handling charge of $5.00 added to each flash drive, if it is to be mailed to you.  That will bring the total cost to $30 for any flash drive that requires shipping.

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Stroll down Memory Lane with The Clio Star and the Clio Messenger

from 1893 to 1994 all captured on one Flash Drive.

Every newspaper is scrollable and searchable in PDF format, so that you can read every page in every newspaper!

You can review the daily activities of everyday life in Clio and see how the folks from our past history lived.

There are lots of events and personal stories in every newspaper. It's like actually being there!



for this complete collection!



Flash Drive



Downtown Clio - 1915

View this publication of the Railroad Nostalgia in a PDF format by clicking on the booklet on the left.

View this publication of the 1907-1908 Clionian Year Book in a PDF version by clicking on the booklet above.

The booklet titled RAILROAD NOSTALGIA by Eben Reed was published on May 15, 1981. Mr. Reed contracted artist Michelle MacDonald to create the cover. The artwork shows the first railroad engine used on the Flint and Pere Marquette railroad in Clio in 1859.

From the very first yearbook, the Clio High School colors were established; orange and black.

The senior class of 1907-1908 created this yearbook that shows who they were as well as some thoughts and dreams that they had. Even at the turn of the 20th century, this class had some pretty innovative dreams and vision.

Historical facts of the Clio Area

by Eben Reed

Created in 1907-1908 by the students of Clio High School








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